Bouillon Bar

Bone broth has been used for thousands of years by cultures around the globe. Since ancient times, people have used meat, bones, vegetables, herbs, and spices to create broth and stocks. The Bouillon Bar takes this up with a modern twist.


Their flavour packed bone broth is made by slow simmering local organic bones from grass fed cows, for at least 72 hours. The result is a 100% organic nutritious beef bone broth that is high in protein: nourishing for the mind and body.


Back in 2015, I was asked to design the company’s website, give their brand a cool logo and design the labels for each of their products: a grass-fed beef broth, classic chicken broth, game broth and langoustine broth. Because their broth is organic, I communicated the same eco-friendly healthy feel with the design. The labels are printed on craft paper; the logo and text design are eye-catching with a modern twist.


Bouillon Bar - Label design

Bouillon Bar - Label design in Illustrator

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