Official London protest against dolphin- and whale hunt in Japan

Demonstrative poster created in Illustrator

London has rocked several campaigns over the years, against the capture of dolphins and whales by Japanese drive hunts. It is an official movement consisting of hundreds of activists, with an impressive line-up of speakers and influencers who take their message directly to the Japanese Embassy.


For six months of the year, teams of Japanese divers force wild dolphins swimming past the town of Taiji, into a cove. Once trapped, they are killed for meat consumption or sold. The same goes for the whale hunt in Japan, which has been going on for centuries. The issue gained huge global news coverage.


I created a graphic series to promote the demonstrative events in London and raise awareness against the brutal hunt on these mammals. The graphics were printed on posters and pamphlets and handed out in the weeks prior and during the events.


Flyer and pamphlet handed out during  the event

Graphic created for Digital campaign "We're not that different"

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