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Mike is not your typical production company. Mike Teevee is an independent scalable production department that works directly with brands, as well as their advertising agencies, to outsource the execution of all their production needs.


Executive Producer Ellen Utrecht asked me to rebuild Mike’s website, to create a new modern look with a smooth interface and, most importantly, to incorporate Mike’s portfolio on to their website. A total makeover.


Any design, whether it’s graphic- web or illustration cares for a great amount of detail. I particularly love the details involved in web design. Making icons pixel perfect, finding better ways to compress images so that the page loads faster, considering how colours will look on different screens- I’m a proud nerd when it comes to this.


Over the course of three months, I designed a brand new website for Mike Teevee, incorporating their portfolio with digital, print and film advertising campaigns. Designed and compatible with mobile and desktop platforms.

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