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One of the biggest misconceptions about designers (and usually Web designers) is that we’re just Web designers — that the scope of our skills begins with Lorem ipsum and ends with HTML emails.


We fill dozens of roles throughout a given day. When speaking with a prospective client, we take the role of salesperson. Once contracted, we become researchers, combing through the client’s outdated website, looking at analytics and identifying breakdowns and room for improvement. Soon after, we become content curators, wading through the piles of content in PDF format sent by the client, identifying what works and what doesn’t.


Then, we’re architects, laying out content to get the most important messages across. We design the website itself. We manage client expectations and work through revisions. We write code. We introduce a content management system. We carefully insert and style content. We create and update the brand’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We help to create an editorial calendar to keep content fresh and accurate. We check in on the analytics and metrics to see how the website is performing.


There’s a lot more to web design than simply making a site.


In early 2017, I was asked to work on a website for a holiday home on Terschelling, a Dutch island. The new company’s website required a long design process, incorporating feedback and changes wanted by the client as the company’s concept took a stronger form. After a long 6 months, the finished website is a modern looking smooth running website.


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